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How to choose a iphone lens

Iphone lens for yourself

Why take photo by mobile more and more popular? it’s the 3 points: convenience, lot of APP, and timely sharing. With the popularity of mobile Photography, the external iphone lenses or other lenses become popular soon.

Above photoes are taken by Iphone lens with fisheye however, Many iphone lens products on Aliexpress, Amazon and Ebay, how to select a iphone lens on the Internet.

I hope that the I can recommend some good shots. Today, I temporarily provides some faithful advice to the novice of iphone photographers who need to add external lenses. So that everyone will have some reference when choosing the lens.

1 The price, how much iphone lens is the best for us?

I believes that mobile photography and SLR are two different categories. Mobile photography has the fun of itself, and the SLR has the advantages of SLR.

Mobile photography is a mobile phone photography indeed, you add to the advanced lens, is still mobile photography. So, don’t expect to add a lens it will get same quality of a SLR.

The price from 3 USD to nearly a 100 USD on AMAZON, ALIXPRESS. I think if you are not a deep fever, it is just an external product of mobile phone. Within 5-60 USD, we will find a suitable iphone lens.

2, According to the function there are 4 kinds:

Fish eye lens

fish eye lens is a visual angle close or equal to 180 degree of iphone auxiliary lens. It is a kind of extreme wide angle lens, because the front lens of this kind of lens is short and parabolic, which protrudes to the front of the lens, and is similar to the fish eyes, so it is called fisheye lens.

The fisheye lens is quite different from the real world scene, because the scene we see in real life is regular and fixed, and the effect produced by fisheye lens is different.

except the scene in the center of the picture keep same the other objects that should be either horizontal or vertical have changed accordingly.

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wide-angle lens

Using a wide-angle lens

There are many wide-angle lens on market. Because of the volume limitation, the iphone inside camera is fixed focus lens. The angle of view is fixed.

Wide angle lens can change the range of lens viewfinder, and increase the enjoyment of iphone photography. This is one of the girl’s favorite functional lenses.

The basic feature of the wide-angle lens is that the lens has a large angle of view and a wide field of vision. Much more from a viewpoint of observed scene range than the eye at the same point of view to see the scenery;

Deep view, can show clearly considerable scope; to emphasize the effect of perspective, good performance and prospect and exaggerated sense of the scene, which is conducive to enhance your appeal.

This lens is mainly used for showing magnificent effect, girls can use the self timer, overhead can reflect the small V face, Top shot can reflect long legs. Girls love the most.

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wide-angle lens comparation from amazon aliexpress and ebay

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Macro lens

macro lens is a special lens for macro photography, mainly used for shooting very tiny objects, such as flowers and insects etc..

Using a macro lens shooting fine natural scenery, will give people a wonderful visual experience, it is because the micro scene people generally cannot see, and their macro lens can get high-resolution images, the subject of the texture representation can also make people get a visual shock. This is one of the most practical lenses for me.

Long focal lens

The long focus lens, the simple understanding is to put a telescope on your cell phone to make you get the scene in the far distance.

The length of the long focus lens is different from that of X zoom. It has 10 times of long focus, 12 times of long focus and 20 times of long focus.

The use of long focus lens usually needs tripod Because of the use of the long focus camera, the stability is very good.

Special Description:

Mobile phone lens sold on the market, wide angle lens, macro lens is often together. Take wide-angle lens off alone is a macro lens.


What are the points of the iphone lens?

1, glass or synthetic plastic?

As the main material of lens, whether it is glass or synthetic plastic, it can be discern by professionals.

It’s hard for people to distinguish from the naked eye. The uncle personally recommends the glass material, because the light transmittance, and the color reduction degree will be better than the synthetic plastic.

2, The coated film or not coated film.

If coating film on the lens is easy to kown in the light of the sun. The coating is a very thin transparent film on the surface of the lens. The purpose is to reduce the reflection of light, increasing light transmittance, ultraviolet resistance and low glare.

Coating of different colors, color image also makes the balance of different. In addition, the coating can delay the time of aging and discoloration of the lens.

The coated lens is better than the uncoated one, and the multilayer coating will be better than the single layer coating, and the price will be more expensive.

In addition, the lens also divides the convex surface and the concave surface, and the uncle feels that the difference of the experience is not very different, if the aspheric surface can be found better.

3, special version or general version

This lens is only for a kind of mobile phone, often is a cell phone shell, when installed, the lens can be screwed up, and the stability is good.

The generic version is often a mobile phone wallet, the camera installed with a clip and clip in the mobile phone camera, stability is normal.

Before buying, finally ask shop have a special lens for your mobile phone.

4, The camera lens is also a very high precision product.

So the process is also very important. Spraying the lens body mold, flash, LOGO printing can see fine degree of the product, try to choose the excellent work of iphone lens.

5, brand, the degree of praise, the level of customer service…

Except for the 4 points that have just been said. Online shopping, check store credit, buyers reviews, feedback …… It can also be determined to a certain of the product is worth to buy or not. If there are two stores, there is everything in a store, and mobile phone lens, self timer bar, cell phone shell and cell phone film are sold.

The other store sells only mobile phone lenses, and the category of mirrors is very rich. I’m sure I’ll choose the second, Truth, everyone should understand.

6, Distortion or dark angle

Especially in the selection of the wide angle and fish eye lens, the degree of distortion also reflects the level of the lens. There are some wide angle lenses, although the angle of view is more broad, but the surrounding buildings and columns are taken out to be particularly deformed. In the same visual angle, the smaller the distortion, the better the lens, and the price, of course, is a little more expensive. Try to buy new products from the manufacturer. Fish eye lens, it is better to pick out the dark angle. Otherwise, it is difficult to deal with a circle of black frames, and it is very ugly.

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Well, we’ll talk to you today. If there is an incomplete place, please point out.

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