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What is the Running shoes?

as the name implies, are the shoes when running, especially the shoes that are most suitable for running. At present, there are thousands of brands of running shoes.

Running shoes have three categories for different people and purpose, shock absorbing shoes, stable shoes and sports control shoes.


According to the biomechanics, there are three categories: Shock absorption shoes, stable shoes, and exercise control shoes.

Shock absorption running shoes

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A running shoe that provides shock absorption, usually with a softer sandwich sole, assists the foot to release shock during sport.

The shoe body is usually lighter and the stability is relatively poor. Running shoes that provide stability, the sole usually has a TPU plastic sheet or the inside with a high density material .

These special designs can prevent injury caused by slight varus in the foot and provide good support and durability for the medial edge of the foot.

Stable running shoes

The shoes that provide motion control are usually hard. They can reduce or control the excessive varus in the foot and prevent ankle injuries. The shoes usually weigh heavier than other running shoes.

The general structure, the inner layer is made of TPU plastic film with large area uniform stress and extends to high density reinforcing materials forefoot force, to control foot pronation, interlayer sole provides durability; the outer layer of the rubber is more durable.

Which one should I have

No matter which sport you engage in, the shoes you wear are very important. In running, it takes us very seriously to choose shoes, because a good running shoe can bring a relaxed and pleasure to the players.

Running shoes should be selected according to their actual needs, if you only occasionally run, shopping, can choose beautiful styles, such as NIKE Cortez, Air Max, SuperNova and so on.

Long running should choose light running shoes, such as adiZero and Marathon series, the sweat foot should choose breathable running shoes, such as Adidas NIKE series, Free series of wind, or GORE-TEX (R) fabric series.

Easy to turn or flatfoot should have the anti rollover control system running shoes, such as LunarGlide series and so on.

Consider the secret behind the running shoes to teach you how to select a good tool for yourself

When you decide to run, you must think of buying a pair of shoes, but when you see a lot of shoes, which one is good. Don’t worry, let’s introduce some knowledge about running shoes.

Running road conditions

Wild road or normal road. Wild road, mountain road, soil road, forest and so on, the normal road like the plastic road, the cement road, the asphalt road.

Running posture

This is the most important and easy to make mistakes. Generally, there are three kinds of running posture, valgus, varus, and severe varus. The three kinds are continuous and progressive relations.


valgus- high arch – corresponding shoes: Shock absorption type shoes

Varus (valgus insufficiency) – middle and low arch – corresponding shoes: stable type

Severe varus – typical severe flatfoot: corresponding shoes: correction type

flat foot running shoes insole reference

Weight and motion intensity

More weight, More intensity of the exercise, More impact of running. Weight represents the strength of a single shock, and the intensity of exercise represents the extent that the impact will continue. Running is almost equal to the beating of your knee.

In general, good shoes are designed to deal with more than 3 times a week and more than 3 kilometers a day. Running shoes can be divided into two intensity level, lightweight and  heavyweight.

heavyweight is designed for “big body weight”, which means that if you are not enough weight, your running impact may not enough For the runners, the obvious feeling is: the sole is hard!

So, try to choose the size of the level according to your weight. Don’t just stare at the top.

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